Helping you every
step of the way

Providing deeply compassionate and experienced care for your child, with the most skilled pediatric nurses and therapists,* is at the core of what we do at Thrive. We also provide the vital clinical supervision services that will make caring for your child less stressful.

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Arranging a Smooth Transition from Hospital to Home

下载凤凰彩票APP送27working closely with your child’s primary care physician or specialist, our clinical supervisors develop an individualized treatment plan that includes parent/caregiver education and training, with the goal of enhancing well-being and enabling your child to reach his or her full potential.

下载凤凰彩票APP送27at your request, we will actively participate in your child’s pre-discharge conferences and help prepare your family for hospital discharge and the transition to home care. the success of that transition is dependent on the appropriate selection of equipment, training, and support personnel. working with the hospital discharge planner, we help coordinate everything necessary to ensure a successful homecoming for all.

Assessing the Home Environment

our clinical supervisors will meet with you prior to discharge to help determine the best way to prepare for optimal success in making your child and family comfortable at home. they will also work with your extended team to ensure that all aspects of care, such as equipment and supplies, are available.

we will assess the areas of the home where care will be provided for your child, and ensure there is adequate space to accommodate necessary equipment.

Support for Your Family

our pediatric nurses understand that the whole family of a medically fragile child requires physical and emotional support. it can be difficult to have a non-family member in your home, especially for extended periods of time. our team members are sensitive to your family’s unique situation and establish in-home protocols that minimize disruptions to your family’s routines. we have team members who have parented medically fragile children and can provide support and guidance for any challenge.

Billing and Insurance

we help families access the appropriate resources to minimize financial hardship as much as possible and navigate the complexities of private insurance policies; medicaid eligibility, including ssi and medicaid waiver programs; and insurance verification, billing, and submission of required paperwork.

Community Resources

下载凤凰彩票APP送27with more than 25 years’ experience in the pediatric home health community, our team of nursing and therapy* professionals knows what resources are available to support you and your child. by tapping those resources, thrive ensures that your child receives the best possible care and the best foundation to reach his/her full potential.

下载凤凰彩票APP送27 *Therapy services available in select locations